My name is Philip Wiggins. I love Jesus, coffee, sports and music (pretty sure that’s out-of-order). I am currently a student who is studying Christian Leadership in order to pursue full-time ministry. I am married, and luckily, to the most amazing woman I could ever imagine, Carissa. Together, we have one child, a beautiful baby girl named Reagan. Being a dad has changed my life completely, for the better. While I may get less sleep than ever before (see picture below), I wouldn’t change a thing.

Trials & Triumphs is a place where I will write out my thoughts on things I read, things I hear, and things I study. Like most people pursuing ministry, I am trying to follow Jesus the best I know how. I am a product of grace, who is still in process. My desire is to live everyday trying to discover how to pursue my purpose in Christ. Let’s take this journey together.