Moments Matter

Last week, I had the opportunity to kick off my church’s Christmas sermon series entitled “The Miracle of Christmas.” This series is intended to challenge everyone to take a fresh look at the Christmas narrative and understand that every aspect of that story is a miracle that God set into place just to have a relationship with us. 

You can check out the sermon here. I would encourage you to do so. 

I am writing this post because my blog has become my place for confession and transparency. I believe life is made up of moments. Each moment is an opportunity to take God at His word and trust His plan. Well, I am in a moment in my life.

At the time of me preaching this sermon, I had just turned my notice in at work that I was leaving my current job. I decided to leave because I believe that God has called and equipped me for full time ministry, and I have done nothing about it. For the past 3 years, I’ve said that statement, but have I believed it?  Am I trusting God at all if I delay preparing myself for ministry because “I just can’t afford it” or “it’s the wrong time.” So, I, along with Carissa, made the decision that I will quit my job, and go back and finish school in January. 

A lot of people have advised against this to be honest. Told me that it’s a stupid financial decision. Told me I should wait and see if I still believe it next semester. Here’s the thing for me, and I believe this is the thing for you if you’re facing a moment like I was: if God is calling you to something, your job is to trust Him and let Him work out the details. His plan is better than ours anyway. 
I closed out my message stating that God calls you to Trust the process and Take your next step. If you’re facing a decision as big as this, or as simple as joining a Bible study or seeking out a church to attend, let me encourage you… Now is your moment. It’s your moment to trust God and take a step. Is it scary? Yeah. Is it easy? Not at all. Is it worth it? Well, that’s your question to answer. 

As for me, it’s simple: Trust the process. Take your next step. Now is your moment. 


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