Do It Again

Right now, I find myself sitting in Starbucks, contemplating my life. Every so often, I take a spiritual inventory of sorts, to see if I’m where God wants me to be. This is a difficult thing to look at objectively, because I am very passionate about my ministry and the direction I believe God is calling me to move. It’s often the time of sanctification that hurts. The type that requires ties to be cut and decisions to be made.

As I write this, I understand that it doesn’t seem that difficult. But this often requires change, and change is hard. I know that there are people who will read this and not think it’s a big deal, and I’m glad you’re here. This helps me stay sane, because you bring the reality check in this time for me.

However, there are also people reading this who are facing decisions to be made. Maybe its a spiritual one, like taking a next step, or maybe its something less spiritual, but still huge, like where to go to school, or whether to stay in a relationship.

I have been finding comfort in one thing, and I wanted to encourage you with this: God hasn’t changed. Every decision I make feels like the end of the world, until I realize that God has done this over and over. I have taken this inventory of my life, hated the change, but still made them. I left a full-time, well-paying job in January to pursue schooling for ministry. That was hard. The process hasn’t been easy, but God hasn’t let me down.

So in this time, I have to dive into prayer and seeking God, and let Him guide me. I’ve experienced Him making these things clear to me before. I’ve seen Him hold me up in these times. He’s never failed me yet. 

I’ve told you before that God uses music to speak to me powerfully, and this has happened again. Below is a song called Do It Again by Elevation Worship. It’s this blog in a song. Take a moment to listen to this and be encouraged by the message; even when life doesn’t look how you’d like it to, and even when things have to change to know you are where God wants you, God has promised that you aren’t alone. And that promise still stands.

If you’re faced with a tough decision, the same God that has been there for you will continue to be. He’s made things move in your life. He’s brought you through things before. He’s guided you in decisions before. Seek His face. He’ll do it again.

Trust the process. Take your next step. Now is your moment. 



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