A Thought About Easter, On Easter

He is risen! 

The Easter story of Jesus rising from the dead blows my mind every year. When people ask me why I’m a Christian, I always point to Jesus’s death and resurrection by saying something like, “Anyone who predicts His own death and raising from the dead, and pulls it off, is worth following.” I mean, the greatest act of love ever was the cross, and the greatest display of the power of God is found in Christ rising from the dead. That’s the God we serve. 

I’d like to encourage you with a verse from Romans as we think back on Christ rising from the dead. As followers of Jesus, we have the Spirit of God living in us. Christ said that having the Spirit in us is better than having Christ physically with us. Why? Because it was the Spirit of God that empowered Christ to rise from the dead. Paul, writes about the Spirit in Romans 8:11. 

And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you.

Think about that… The Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you. He’s there to empower you to follow Jesus and guide you in your pursuit of Christ. He’s there to show you how to follow Christ and how to remain in Him. He’s there to show you what your next step is and how to take it. The Spirit was given to us to strengthen us, comfort us and keep us exactly where we need to be. 

So this year, as we consider how amazing Jesus is and how the events of Easter have changed everything, I want to encourage you that the message of hope is living in you. The same Spirit that raised Christ is in you, and the hope of Easter is alive in you. Allow the Spirit to work in you and through you. 

Trust the process. Take your next step. Now is your moment. 


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