Vacations and Vision

My wife is a planner. She is one of those people who wants to know what we are doing 3 months from next Wednesday at 3 because she wants to get a haircut. Like, she loves to plan ahead. And its great, because so do I. Carissa and I just booked a trip for our 1 year anniversary, which is over 3 months away. This may not seem like a big deal, but while planning this trip, Carissa started looking into a trip back to Hawaii for our 5 year anniversary. Some call that too much, I call it thinking ahead. I love that about her.

As I thought about our planning tendencies, I thought a lot about following Jesus. So many people can plan out every detail of their lives, yet don’t have a plan when it comes to following Jesus. That seems to be the area of life that people often say, “I haven’t thought about it,” or “I’ll figure it out as I go.” For me, just like vacations, playing it by ear stresses me out. How is it that we have plans for vacation, but not about following Jesus?

It turns out, I was just as big of an offender as anyone…

I have always said I know God’s plan for me, but really, when thinking about it, had not been searching out details of that plan. I knew God was calling me to ministry, but never had an answer as to what that looked like. So, while I was fooling myself about having a plan, I really did not, because I didn’t work out the details like I did for my upcoming anniversary trip. I can tell you where we are eating and how we are going to get around, but I couldn’t tell you what God was wanting me to do.

Understanding this blind spot in my life, I began to try to work out the details, and really, it boils down to vision. Dr. Rich Frazer, of SOS International, defines vision as “a clear mental picture of what the future could look like if God were fully in charge.” He continued to say that it takes into account your circumstances, giftedness and passion. Essentially, it is an understanding of who you are, who God is, and how God wants to use who you are for His glory. God has a plan for your life. Vision is just about seeing that and living it out.

I found that vision is not always easy to see (the irony of this sentence isn’t lost on me). It has taken me months of brainstorming and a lot of time in prayer. It is not something you pray for and sit around and wait. God isn’t hiding the vision He has for your life from you, but He also desires that you seek Him and find it. So after months of this, I have a clearer picture of what God wants for my life, and that’s what vision is all about.

When you understand what God wants for you, you’ll begin to search out how to achieve this. When you are living this vision out, you are exactly where God wants you. My encouragement to you would be to seek God in this. He has a vision for your life, and He will give this to you. It may seem daunting because you can’t achieve it on your own, but vision is God sized, and that can’t be finished in a day.

Understand this going in though: vision coming to life takes time. You are going to have to work this out. This will take a lot of planning and seeking God. However, you’ll quickly find that if you are seeking what He wants, not what you want, you will get that fresh vision from God. Also understand that just getting the vision doesn’t mean you’ll just be where you envision yourself. It takes time. Your goal isn’t to accomplish this right away, because if you can, your vision isn’t God sized. Just start down the path.

Don’t play following Jesus by ear. Trust God’s vision for your life and live it out. You will find purpose and satisfaction like you never have. It’s hard, but it is worth it. Take hold of God’s vision for your life. You won’t regret it.


Trust the process. Take your next step. Now is your moment. 



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